Asim sohail gill, Age 28 has been working since the age of twelve, realizing at that tender age for his love of oriental carpets. This is a well knitted family business amongst his peers for two generations in the sub continental market but Asim is the first who has taken a bold leap of using his unique and rare skills to branch out and expand his horizon into the business world of Antique carpets. Asim has been part of important set ups within Pakistan dealing with the manufacturing and most difficult and tedious task of repairing in all sorts and types of carpets being of fine quality. After learning rug repairing, he worked in different manufacturing carpet companies to gain strong experience. He was allured by antique rugs. Growing up amongst the Christian minority in Pakistan in the fast paced city of Lahore, Asim faced many challenges and struggles but indeed it was understood that struggle and hard work paid off and Asim started his own business in 2008 as a small set up. Since then Asim has been on his own with his limited resources been gathering international clients to offer them his unmatched services as he considers every job to be a personal one. The foremost goal that Asim has being a young entrepreneur has been to provide his clients with better services compared to others as this is a skill inherited by him because of his hard work and passion since he was a child. In 2013 Asim undertook the process of registering his business in the Lahore chamber of commerce and government of Pakistan as Clark&Gills.

Kumail Naveed Zaidi, Age 24 has been working with Asim to establish the business and is in charge of managing the business while overlooking the marketing and sales of the company. Completing his degree in Bsc. Information Systems from the University of London, Kumail realized Asim’s potential and joined Asim within his field of unique carpet rugs repairing. Having diverse work experience, Kumail is well trained and qualified to handle tedious tasks and problems at the same time learning and increasing his passion and fondness of antique carpets. Kumail has work experience with the British Council from the age of 18 starting as an internee after which he climbed the organizational ladder. Moving onto a newer venture Kumail joined Habib University during its building and construction phase as a member of the Student Recruitment team. At this young age Kumail hopes to use his important organizational exposure for the progress and success of Clark and Gills.

Hashaam Nasr, Age 26 is a young enthusiastic entrepreneur working with Clark & Gills as a Relationship Manager. Hashaam holds a degree of bachelors in commerce from Punjab University, Lahore. He has had exposure to relationship management due to his experience in UBLFUNDS as a relationship manager in investment banking (Mutual Funds). He has plenty of drive, initiative and motivation to generate new possibilities to offer to the business, and the expertise of a relationship manager, to sustain a sound relationship with the clients and the managing partners. As a sales manager, he has the ability to analyze information and make prompt decisions. He has practiced General Banking as a corporate operations officer in UBL Corporate Center Lahore and has full command on business’s financial operations and client’s financial needs. He’s susceptible to change and not afraid to explore and consider new opportunities for the welfare of the organization. Being a team worker Hashaam has devoted his knowledge and work experience to help Clark & Gills venture out in to the world of handmade carpets.

Nadeem M Bajwa, Age, 30 is the business’s Legal Advisor and Representative. Nadeem has been practicing Law in the country of Pakistan since 8 years and manages all the legalities of the business. Nadeem being born and raised in Faisalabad, one of Pakistan’s famous city known for the manufacturing of carpets and has experience regarding the goods and its type, knowledge which has been passed on from generation to generation.